Burma Border Teak Door Frame

At House of Doors we provide Ready-made Burma Border Teak Wood of 1st Quality Teak Wood for making our Doors, Window Frames and window shutters.

Some of the characteristics of Burma Border Teak Wood are:-

  • Teak’s natural properties ensure it has good resistance to rot.
  • These trees produce high amounts of oil and wax to protect themselves from hot, moist environments and pests.
  • Teak wood’s durability, beautiful coloring, and strength make it a prized and expensive wood.
  • Its Water resistance makes it popular for outdoor furniture, decks etc. It gets a fair amount of use indoors for furniture, flooring, veneers, and carving too.
  • It is easy to do carving, polishing and staining on The Teak Wood without any issues.
  • We offer Wood which is uniform in color and well-seasoned which would let you effortlessly perform various kinds of jobs.
  • It has great properties to withstand extreme climatic conditions.
  • Manufacturers can shape teak wood according to your needs without any issues.
  • Choosing high-quality teak wood frames ensures that they do not rot and are not affected by changes in temperature. There will not be any scope for condensation as teak wood is a bad conductor of heat and electricity. One can effortlessly prepare beautiful wooden frames. You can paint and polish wooden frames as per your needs.

Burma Border Teak Door Frame

Burma Teak Door Frames Wholesalers
Burma Border Teak Frames

Sections available are:- 5″x 3″, 6”x 3” , 6”x 4”, 5”x 4”,  4”x 3”,  8”x 3”, 9”x 3”, 10”x 3” and 8”x 4” etc.

We at House of Doors provide with customized ready-made Burma Border Teak Door frame, Window frames and Shutters for your perfect home. House Of Doors offer finished Teak wood frame which is unmatched with comparison to the competitors in the market.

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