Burma Border Teak Door Frame

At House of Doors we provide Ready-made Burma Border Teak Wood of 1st Quality Teak Wood for making our Door, Window Frames and window shutters.

Some of the characteristics of Burma Border Teak Wood are:-

  • Teak wood is also known by the scientific name ‘tectona grandis‘.
  • These trees are native to the tropics of Southeast Asia, but certain areas throughout Africa and the Caribbean have managed to cultivate it now too.
  • Teak’s natural properties ensure it has good resistance to rot.
  • The trees are among the few which produce high amounts of oil and wax, which serve to protect them from the hot, moist environments and pests.
  • The durability and beautiful coloring of teak wood makes it one of the most prized and expensive wood types and is the strongest wood available in nature.
  • It’s water-resistance makes it popular for outdoor furniture, decks, and shower stools, but it gets a fair amount of use indoors for furniture, flooring, veneers, and carving too.
  • It is easy to do Carving, polishing and staining on this Teak wood without any issues.
  • House of Doors offer Burma Border Teak Wood which is uniform in color and well-seasoned wood which would let you effortlessly perform various kinds of jobs.
  • These Burma Border teak wood is mainly used for Door frames, Window frames, Wall paneling, Furniture, Doors and Window shutters.
Burma Teak Door Frames Wholesalers

Sections available are:- 5″x 3″, 6”x 3” , 6”x 4”, 5”x 4”,  4”x 3”,  8”x 3”, 9”x 3”, 10”x 3” and 8”x 4” etc.

We at House of Doors provide with customized ready-made Burma Border Teak Door frame, Window frames and Shutters for your perfect home. House Of Doors offer finished Teak wood frame which is unmatched with comparison to the competitors in the market. For Quote on your requirements please contact us or Whats App us your requirements.

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