Moulded Panel Doors

Manufacturers make Moulded Panel Doors with HDF door skins, which add beauty and value to homes. They manufacture these skin doors to the highest standards and warranty them to perform over time. They engineer all materials, such as wood, fiberglass, steel, or composite, for lasting durability and reliable performance, which translates into extra security, extra longevity, and extra homeowner satisfaction.

House Of Doors offers a wide range of Panel Doors that complements the design & decor of your house. These tastefully designed doors are available in various widths, heights & thickness in textured surface. 

These Skin doors are default choice for any beautiful home today as these designs are contemporary & aesthetically appealing. Panel Doors are Bonded with PF synthetic resin conforming to BWP grade of IS: 848.

Manufacturers recommend using Moulded Panel Doors for bedroom, bathroom, and other external doors. These doors come readily primered and can be directly painted or polished according to the customer’s preference. Manufacturers can customize Moulded Panel Doors with various thicknesses according to the customer’s needs.

Technical Specification :-

Standard Sizes:

Height: 79” & 81”

Width: 26/27”, 32/33”, 36/38”

Thickness Available: 32mm (Can be customized upto 40mm)

Finish: Primed Surface (Requires Paint )

Moulded Skin Doors Design

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