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M. P. Patel & Co. is here to revolutionize the way you purchase the wood and re-imagine the possibilities of wood craft. We are here to serve our clients with ready made door and window frames. The reason to start this venture is to redefine wood purchasing. Customers now don’t have to run behind different timber shops for this complicated purchase of wooden logs or cut sizes. This way our customers dependency on the Carpenters / Labors for purchasing wood and then making the frame ready is eliminated.

We also feel very proud to introduce ourselves as one of the well-known wholesalers and traders of different species of Wooden Door frames. Leveraging on the skills of our professionals, we are involved in offering best quality of wooden door frames. Further, we are master in providing customized sizes to our customers.

At M. P. Patel & Co. we deal with different types of Wood Species for ready-made door frames. The list of species and their characteristics is listed below :-

Ready-made Burma Border Teak Door Frame

  • Burma Border Teak wood is the strongest wood available in nature. It has great properties to withstand extreme climatic conditions. Teak wood can be shaped as per your needs without any issues.
  • House of Doors offer Teak Wood which is uniform in color and well-seasoned wood which would let you effortlessly perform various kinds of jobs.
  • If you choose high-quality teak wood frames, then they will not rot. They will not be affected by the change in temperature. There will not be any scope for condensation as teak wood is a bad conductor of heat and electricity. One can effortlessly prepare beautiful wooden frames. You can paint and polish wooden frames as per your needs.
Burma Teak Door Frames Wholesalers
Burma Border Teak Wood Frames

Sections available are:- 5″x 3″, 6”x 3” , 6”x 4”, 5”x 4”,  4”x 3”,  8”x 3”, 9”x 3”, 10”x 3” and 8”x 4” etc.

Ready-made African Teak Wood Door Frame

  • One of the main African Teak wood disadvantages is that there will be a change in color through the wood. You can find the change in the color of the wood from White to light brown with light grains.
  • African Teak wood is inexpensive. However, there will be a great trade-off as it will appear different from Burma Teak in terms of grains and density.
  • If you fail to use seasoned wood, there will be twisting issues. Hence, quality teak wood should be chosen and deployed for door frames.
African Teak Wood Door Frames supplier in bangalore
African Teak Wood Door Frame

Sections available are:- 5″x 3″, 6”x 3” , 6”x 4” and 5”x 4”.

Ready-made Sal Wood Door Frames (Meranti)

  • As the Sal Wood is very strong it is used in the preparation of boats, ship cabins and decks. Sal wood offers the highest level of resistance to termites. One can take advantage of its great hardness and durability.
  • Various kinds of wooden items are prepared with the wood. Go for high-quality Sal Wood windows and Doors so that there will be great elegance
  • There are different kinds of Sal wood. These include gum sal wood, Indian sal wood, Malaysian Sal wood, red sal wood, white sal wood and sal wood logs. The wood is used for construction purposes including beams, piles, bridging and rafters without any issues. Only Meranti variety of Sal Wood must be used for Frames purpose for long life.
  • Extensive range of Sal wood types is available in the market. You should choose them very carefully as per your needs. The functionality, as well as aesthetics, is essential in this direction.
Sal Wood Door Frame Readymade in bangalore
Readymade Sal Wood Door Frame

Sections available are:- 5″x 3″

Ready-made Honne Wood Door Frames (Merbau)

  • Presenting eye-catching designs with honne wood is possible. Timber frames can be tailored as per your needs.
  • One can go for carving, painting and staining as per your needs.
  • You will not cause environmental pollution by using the renewable source. If you go for uPVC materials, poisonous chemicals will be released into the atmosphere during the manufacturing process.
  • The life of Honne Wood frames will be very high. They will last for many years. If you take maintenance steps, the life will be further enhanced. In case of metals, the life will be up to 30 years. You should want to replace or repair the frame and window.
  • Honne Wood Windows will let you control the temperature in a very efficient way. The room will be kept warm during winter and it will be cool during the summer season. Thus, the thermal efficiency of honne wood is very high than that of metal windows.
  • To produce uPVC window, you should want to spend 7 times more energy than a Honne Wood Window. There will not be environmental pollution when you go for Honne wooden frames and windows.
  • Honne wood windows are worth the price. Even though the cost is high, they are durable and you will have absolute peace of mind. The life of the product is very high.
  • The Honne wood will grow without artificial fertilizers or irrigation. It is harvested and managed to produce sustainable supply without any issues. It is one of the woods derived from hardwood trees. The density of the hardwood will be very high and it is possible to prepare various kinds of items including outdoor furniture without any issues.
Readymade Honne Wood door frames wholesaler

Sections available are:- 5″*3″, 6”*3” , 6”*4”, 5”*4” and 4”*3”

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