Manufacturing Warranty on Doors

  • All our Door products hold a warranty for THREE years and can only be claimed with the bill. Warranty on Doors can be claimed for manufacturing defects only.
  • In case of manufacturing defect our replacement is only for our product at your door step, fittings and other accessories are not replaced by us, fixing charges for replacement doors to be borne by the buyer.
  • For Solid Doors, NO Warranty against Natural effects like Sun Crack, Weather effects & Door Shrinkage.

Storage Instruction:

  • Check the doors for defects and damage immediately upon receipt.
  • Doors must be horizontally stacked on flat Surface in cool and dry place on 3 Level bearers to minimize the risk of distortion.
  • Doors must not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Proper care must be taken while lifting the doors to other floors.
  • Do not keep heavy or Sharp objects on the doors.

Installation & fixing instructions:

  • The door frame has to be fixed in 90 degree angle for the door to be in shape.
  • Do not trim more than 1” (25 mm) on all the sides of the doors.
  • Lipping of teakwood or hardwood on all the four sides has to be done compulsorily to prevent moisture absorption, wear & tear of the door, by doing this the life of the door increases. The applied warranty will become invalid if this instruction is not followed.
  • Do not cut the door for fixing glass, instead please do purchase ready glass door available with the same brand.
  • ½” (12 mm) gap has to be maintained between bottom of the door & flooring (door frame), for bath room door except for the WPC Doors.
  • The door must be installed in square, true and plumb and it must be hung in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or the architect’s specification.
  • Apply one coat of sealant or wood primer (in accordance with the door type) after unpacking the door & before installation to avoid moisture and warping.
  • All Six sides of the doors should be painted or polished immediately on fitting to avoid undue absorption of moisture, swelling and fungus. The Bottom of the door must be painted compulsory before hanging.


  • Do not hammer the screws, fit screws using a screwdriver.
  • Ensure 3mm gap between the door and the frame.
  • Always use quality hardware & hinges, which must be properly aligned to prevent bending of the doors.
  • Always use professional sharpened tools to work with.

Special Instructions for Bath Room Doors:

  • After trimming & lipping of the Door all the four sides has to be primed and painted or sealed with wood sealant before fixing the door. Please do maintain 12 mm gap between door and frame at the bottom. Bath room doors, room doors and exit doors has to be taken care after every two years by painting/polishing the doors on all sides to increases the life of the doors.
  • The above instructions do not stand for WPC Doors.
  • Do use baby latches on Bath Room doors and room doors, in case of emergency it is easy to break the latch without causing much damage to the door.

WPC Doors Installation and fixing instructions:

  • Doors must be horizontally stacked on flat Surface in cool and dry place.
  • WPC Doors must not be exposed to sunlight. These doors are best used internally.
  • Do not hammer the screws, fit screws using a screwdriver.
  • Dip the screw in araldite before fixing.
  • Use Screw of length more than 1.5″ for fixing Hinges.
  • Painting can be done on WPC doors.
  • Wood Lipping is not required for WPC doors.
  • Warranty will not applicable for physical damages.

Wooden frames instructions:

  • Light air crack formulation after purchase at site, variation of color/grains and density are the characteristics of a Natural Wood and varies from different logs it cannot be avoided.
  • Black bitumen/Paint will be provided at the sides for all the frames to avoid damage during curing process.

Company warranty will be applicable only when above instructions are followed completely and properly.

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