Honne Wood Doors

House of Doors is specialist in making Solid Honne Wood Doors at lower price in Bangalore and is one of the biggest wholesalers of wooden doors in Bangalore. Honne Wood is the second most preferable wood, after Teak wood, for making furniture door, windows, frames, etc and is economically cheaper when compared to First Grade Teak wood.

This Honne Wood will reveal its color if exposed to water for some time and also has the capacity to withstand extreme weather conditions and is suitable for carving, painting and staining as per your needs. Seasoned Honne wood will be free from moisture which will help in retaining its natural oils for many years. These oils help the wood to be unharmed for many years.

House of Doors offer Honne Doors with unmatched quality and variety of designs.

Technical Specification :-

Standard Sizes:

Height: 79”, 81”, 84”, 96″

Width: 26/27”, 32/33”, 36/38”, 48” (Maximum)- can also be customized as per client requirements.

Thickness Available: 32 mm.

Finish: Raw (Requires Polish/Paint)

Honne Main Doors

Honne Pooja Doors

Notes :-

  • No Warranty against Nature effects like – Sun Cracks, Weather effects and Door Shrinkage
  • Do Not Trim more than 1″ (25mm) on the sides of the doors, or it will result in degradation of door style.
  • Since it’s a natural product, there may be some variations in Shade, grains and design.
  • Do not Hammer the screws, fit screws using a screwdriver.
  • Use carbide tip blade (Diamond Blade) for resizing of doors.

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We also customize according to clients preference.

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