Primer Coated Doors

We offer a complete range of Solid Primer Coated flush doors, which are of superior design, comprehensive workmanship and highly durable quality. These are built out of well seasoned & chemically treated solid pinewood timber, where both the faces are coated with Solid Core. These primer coated flush doors, guarantee the same standards of quality followed in the international market. Primer coated flush doors can be stained to give a rich natural look or painted in contemporary shades depending upon the home decor. There is also a choice of different designs on smooth door surfaces, which can make a room, look unique. Because of different designs and excellent finishes, there is no doubt that these are becoming one of the most popular doors in India and abroad.

These Doors are Water Resistance, Termite Resistance, Anti Fungal, Cost Effective, Higher Density and with ready to Paint Surface. These is an alternative to the traditional Flush Door Shutters.

Technical Specification :-

Standard Sizes:

Height: 79”, 81”, 84”, 96″

Width: 26/27”, 32/33”, 36/39”, 48” (Maximum)- can also be customized as per client requirements.

Thickness Available: 32mm (Can be customized upto 40mm)

Finish: Primed Surface (Requires Paint)

Primer Coated Doors

Traditional Primer Coated Doors

Pooja Primer Coated Doors

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