Mahogany Door Frames

At House of Doors we provide Ready-made Mahogany wood Door frames for making our Door Frames and Window Frames. Some of the characteristics of Mahogany Wood are:-

  • Solid and Rich in color, mahogany wood frames add sophistication to your home. Mahogany is one of the most reliable materials for exterior construction.
  • Mahogany has different grains and varies from batch to batch. It can range in color from pale pink to reddish brown. The color often darkens and grows richer over time.
  • It has excellent workability, and is very durable making it an excellent choice in the best wood for exterior frames debate.
  • Mahogany is an extremely durable wood. It has been the standard in exterior doors for a very long time. Mahogany doors are resistance to both insects and wood rot. With proper maintaince, you can expect your mahogany doors to last several generations.
  • While some species of mahogany are endangered, the species that we use is not. You can trust that most of our Mahogany comes from sustainably grown and harvested forests.
  • It can be polished or stained as per our needs.

Sections available are:- 5″x 3″

We at House of Doors provide with customized ready-made Mahogany Wood Door frames, Window frames for your perfect home. Our finishing is unmatched with compare to the competitors in the market.

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