Membrane Doors

Decorative Membrane doors are made of Designed Solid Flush doors and HDF Moulded Skin overlaid with Imported Rigid PVC Film of different elegant shades. Being economical, they also add a finer touch to the home decor.

Membrane doors are easy to maintain as they do not require Polishing, Painting or Varnishing and are also available in a wider variety of solid colors & wood textures.

House Of Doors sells high quality doors made from designer imported skins to Builders, Individual Customers, Contractors, Architects, Engineers and others.

These doors by House of Doors are designed by keeping the customers need in mind. As always we try to maximize the satisfaction of our customers by providing highest quality at reasonable rates. We also make customized glass doors and pooja doors as per clients requirement.

We offers best quality membrane door in Bangalore.

Technical Specification :-

Standard Sizes:

Height: 79”, 81”, 84”, 96″

Width: 26/27”, 32/33”, 36/39”, 48” (Maximum)- can also be customized as per client requirements.

Thickness Available: 30mm (Can be customized upto 40mm)

Finish: Prefinished

Membrane Doors Designs

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