Sal Wood Door Frames (Meranti)

At House of Doors we provide Ready-made Sal wood Door frames of Malaysian Meranti for making our Door and Window Frames. Some of the characteristics of Sal Wood are:-

  • One of the toughest timbers available today, Salwood has a hard and coarse grain. Naturally, it is a light-colored wood, but constant exposure to sunlight darkens it.
  • Sal wood is cost-effective, very strong and urable;hence it is ideal for making the body of a truck. Due to its strength, Sal Wood is used in the preparation of boats, ship cabins, and decks. Sal wood offers the highest level of resistance to termites. One can take advantage of its great hardness and durability.
  • The wood is used to prepare various kinds of wooden items. Go for high-quality Sal Wood windows and Doors so that there will be great elegance
  • There are different kinds of Sal wood. These include gum sal wood, Indian sal wood, Malaysian Sal wood, red sal wood, white sal wood and sal wood logs. The wood can be used for construction purposes, including beams, piles, bridging, and rafters, without any issues.For long-lasting frames, only the Meranti variety of Sal Wood should be used.
  • Extensive range of Sal wood types is available in the market. You should choose them very carefully as per your needs. The functionality, as well as aesthetics, is essential in this direction..
Sal Wood Door Frame Readymade in bangalore
Sal Wood Frames

Sections available are:- 5″x 3″

We at House of Doors provide with customized ready-made Sal Wood Door frames, Window frames for your perfect home. Our finishing surpasses that of our competitors in the market. For Quote on your requirements please contact us or Whats App us your requirements.

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