Pre Hung Engineered Doors

A Prehung Engineered Doors is a door that comes with the door and hinges already installed in a frame. The frame includes the door jambs, or legs, as well as the architrave that forms the top of the frame and connects the jambs.

Wall Wrap Adjustable Frames

Engineered wood wall wrap frame :Unique solution on the market wrapping the entire thickness of the wall ranging from 80mm up to 260mm thickness of the wall. It comes pre-fitted with a co-extruded acoustic seal within the jamb groove.
Using our telescopic adjustable architraves, each frame size can be further adjusted by up to +20 mm on the thickness of the wall. Architraves are seamlessly joined at 45 degree & are 60 mm wide & 12mm thick. A high level of detail that also adds to the stability of the frame. Furthermore, they are finished with matching CPL veneers that give the impression of the perfectly finished frame.

Engineered Frame in Bangalore

Engineered Wood Rebated Doors

Pre Hung Engineered doors: Another unique solution on the market is rebated doors (Profiled edges) which add to the modern design of door leaves. This intelligent solution further aids in barricading dust, light , a/c losses & improves acoustic insulation between the rooms. To improve mechanical stability & durability against moisture, our doors are PVC edge banded using PUR glue on all the 4 leading edges.
The rebated profile also allows for easy adjustments, in both width (+/- 2mm) & height (+/- 2mm) between the door and frame to get the perfect & seamless installation, everytime.

Engineered Doors - Ready to Fix Doors

Plug and Play: Every part of a Pre Hung Engineered doors, from the door, frame and right down to the smallest of components is engineered for ease of installation. All the elements are packaged carefully and are ready to install. Thus a full door can then can be easily installed with just 2 hands and in 60 minutes. No Dust OR Noise OR Damage.

Pre-hung doors

Engineered Doors Models

Our doors are crafted to suit any space. So, identify where the door is intended to be used and which construction type you prefer. Choose the design or model you want and the CPL veneer finish for the door and frame. Our intricate, high-design elements showcase sophistication and modern design.

  • A.1 is a timeless plain design.
  • P.1/P.2 are models with wood filling panels.
  • G.1/G.2 are our models with clear glass.
  • C.1 adds a touch of drama with clear glass & with wood filling panel.
  • F.1 the complete full glass door is the star amongst doors: they open up rooms and perspectives.
Pre Hung Engineere Doors Designs and Models

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