Honne Wood Door Frames (Merbau)

At House of Doors we provide ready-made Australian Honne Wood for making our Door frames, Window Frames and Window Shutters. Some of the characteristics of Honne Wood are:-

  • Honne is a dense hardwood with yellow-brownish in color. The grains are straight and can be painted. Honne Wood contains “Natural Oil” in it that protects the wood from termite or any other insect attacks. People in Southern India use this wood to build the main door for their home.
  • The only constraint with this wood is that, it should be protected from moisture and water logging as it leaves a stain when water logged.
  • One of the biggest advantage of Honne wood is that it can be customized for door frames as well as for the shutters.
  • Carving, painting and staining on Honne Wood is possible same as Teak wood as per your needs.
  • The life of Honne Wood frames will be very high compared to other Hardwood Species.
  • Honne is mostly used for door frames, window frames, door shutters & window shutters as there are lesser chances for bending and cracks. The life of the product is very high.

At House of Doors we provide Australian Honne Wood for making our Door frames, Window frames and Window Shutters.

Readymade Honne Wood door frames wholesaler
Honne Frames

Sections available are:- 5″*3″, 6”*3” , 6”*4”, 5”*4” and 4”*3”

We at House of Doors provide with customized ready-made Honne Wood Door frames, Window frames, Window shutters, French doors and other varieties for your perfect home. Our finishing is unmatched with compare to the competitors in the market. For Quote on your requirements please contact us or Whats App us your requirements.

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